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    Nutrition Is The Foundation For Your Pet’s Health

    May 07 2014

    A well-maintained nutritional program is the best thing you can do for your pet. At Cornerstone Animal Clinic, we offer three different brands of veterinary-exclusive prescription diets so that we…

  • spaday

    My Day At The Spa

    May 05 2014

    Well, much to my dismay, my dad said he didn’t like that I was starting to smell like a dog! Can you believe it? I have been working hard at…

  • Bernie's veterinary blog - Dallas TX

    Welcome To My Blog!

    May 01 2014

    I have only been working with my dad at Cornerstone Animal Clinic since August, but I have made myself at home. I quickly earned the position as Official Clinic Greeter,…

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    The Danger of Toxic Plants

    May 01 2014

    This summer should be spent out by the pool, working in our gardens or grilling out with our family and friends making great memories! When you’re out and about, make…

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    Welcome to the Cornerstone Animal Clinic Blog

    Apr 21 2014

    Hello everyone! Welcome to our new blog! We want to be able to connect with you…our valued clients outside of the clinic, so we have started this blog. We look…