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  • The Facts About The Dog Flu

    May 14 2015

    cornerstoneadmin | Bernie's Blog

    Hello all of my faithful readers! I’ve heard some people talking about a flu that dogs can get, so I wanted to learn all about it since I come to…

  • April 25th–World Veterinary Day

    Apr 14 2015

    cornerstoneadmin | Bernie's Blog

    Whether you’re a cat person, a dog person, a rabbit person or a horse person, there’s one thing we can all agree on, and that’s the fantastic work carried out…

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    Canine Oral Papillomas

    Mar 30 2015

    cornerstoneadmin | Bernie's Blog

    Your parents probably warned you that kissing a stranger was like kissing everyone that person kissed. Well, they were right and the same advice applies to your dog! Yes, we…

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    No Scaredy-Cats Allowed!

    Oct 14 2014

    Website Admin | Bernie's Blog

    This year I have been bugging my dad (Dr. Morse) to take me trick-or-treating!!! I think I might dress up as a Veterinarian! Ha! Unfortunately he has been telling me…

  • Bernie and HIS Baby Kitten

    Aug 27 2014

    Website Admin | Bernie's Blog

    One of our technicians, Krystal found a newborn kitten while she was walking her dog (her dog nearly stepped on it!). There was no mom in sight and no other…

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    Isolation Area Renovation

    Aug 25 2014

    Website Admin | Bernie's Blog

    We sometimes see sick patients in the hospital that have (or are suspected of having) a contagious illness. We have always had a separate isolation area where they stayed while…

  • Happy 4th of July!

    Jul 03 2014

    Website Admin | Bernie's Blog

    Hello everyone! I hope you are all ready to enjoy a fun and safe 4th of July with your family and friends! I can’t wait for the long weekend so…

  • Bernie Goes To The Dentist

    May 29 2014

    Website Admin | Bernie's Blog

    Well everyone, I’m embarassed to say that my dad told me that my breath was smelling pretty awful recently. I didn’t understand what he meant since I thought it smelled…

  • Storm Watch 2014

    May 08 2014

    Website Admin | Bernie's Blog

      I knew when I woke up that today was going to be a stormy day…I picked it up with my keen sense of storm prediction. I put on my Thundershirt…

  • My Day At The Spa

    May 05 2014

    Website Admin | Bernie's Blog

    Well, much to my dismay, my dad said he didn’t like that I was starting to smell like a dog! Can you believe it? I have been working hard at…