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Nutrition Is The Foundation For Your Pet’s Health

By May 7, 2014 December 8th, 2014 Clinic Blog

A well-maintained nutritional program is the best thing you can do for your pet. At Cornerstone Animal Clinic, we offer three different brands of veterinary-exclusive prescription diets so that we can help you provide the best nutrition for your beloved furry family member.


Royal Canin was founded by veterinarian Jean Cathary in France in 1968. They pride themselves on science-based nutrition. Each of their canine and feline diets are made up of over 50 nutrients that must be included to supply the most effective nutrition for cats and dogs of all ages and lifestyles.


Hill’s Prescription Diet has been leading America’s pet nutrition since 1939. Their nutritional philosophy is to specially formulate their diets to include 100% of what pets need and 0% of what they don’t.


For over 20 years, Purina Veterinary Diets have been formulated as nutritional aids in the dietary management of dogs and cats with certain health issues. As the pace of change in pet care accelerates, their challenge is to lead with fresh, innovative approaches to making the lives of dogs and cats better.
Our veterinarians and staff are here to educate you on the best nutrition plan for your pet.

As the leaders to your healthier pet, our staff at Cornerstone Animal Clinic is continuing their education by taking comprehensive nutritional courses offered by each of these companies to give us more knowledge and insight into how to provide the best foundational nutrition for your fur-kid.


Every month, our veterinary clinic offers a different educational display for our clients. This month’s topic is nutrition. Stop by today to learn how you can provide the best nutrition for your pet!


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Maya Alexander, Receptionist

Maya Alexander, Receptionist

Certified Pet-Nutrition Consultant, Purina

Graduate of the Royal Canin Academy

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