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Well everyone, I’m embarassed to say that my dad told me that my breath was smelling pretty awful recently. I didn’t understand what he meant since I thought it smelled awesome! Apparently stinky breath can be a sign of dental disease…I had no idea!

My dad told me I needed a dental cleaning to help my breath smell better and to clean the tartar and plaque off of my teeth. I didn’t like the sound of this, but since I know he loves me and wants only the best for me, I agreed.

They wrote me on the surgery board at the animal hospital, so everyone would know that I was going to be one of their VIP surgery patients that day.

Then they gave me an injection of something that made me feel sleepy, and they shaved a little hair on my front leg to place a catheter. This was so I could get fluids while I was having my dental cleaning. (I overheard them saying that it would help keep my blood pressure regulated while I was under anesthesia.) They lifted my sleepy self up and placed me on the dental table. I was hooked up to a monitor so they could keep an eye on my heart rate, my blood pressure, my ECG, and my oxygen saturation. I also got to lay on a warming pad to keep my temperature regulated during my cleaning.


I had a comprehensive dental cleaning including ultrasonic scaling, polishing, and even a sealant applied to my teeth! Luckily my dad had this done when my dental disease was pretty mild, so I didn’t need any tooth extractions.


After my dental cleaning, I was still pretty sleepy. My tongue was having a problem staying in my mouth. My dad let me take a long nap in his office.


To keep my teeth looking great and to keep my breath fresh, my dad (and my friends on the staff at Cornerstone Animal Clinic) are going to help me with some preventative dental care. We have dental diets, dental treats and chews, toothbrushes, and even toothpaste made just for dogs and cats!

If your furry family member has stinky breath (like I did), it’s time to get them checked out by one of our awesome animal doctors so you can see if they need a dental cleaning too! Call us to schedule an appointment at 972-385-3555.

I hope to meet you soon! I would love to show off my fresh breath and clean teeth (and have you give me a treat!)

Have a pawsome day!

Bernie Morse, Fresh Breath King

Bernie Morse, Fresh Breath King

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