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Bernie and HIS Baby Kitten

By August 27, 2014 December 8th, 2014 Bernie's Blog

One of our technicians, Krystal found a newborn kitten while she was walking her dog (her dog nearly stepped on it!). There was no mom in sight and no other kittens, so she brought her with her to the clinic so the doctors could check her out. Our team has stepped up and taken turns taking the adorable kitten home to bottle feed her and give her the round-the-clock care she needs at this young age.

I heard her cries and rushed up to the front to see what was going on. I loved her at first sight and want to make sure she is taken care of at all times so I have planted myself next to where she is kept when she’s at the clinic. The staff have even nicknamed her “Bernadette” in honor of me.

“Bernadette” is doing great and eating well. Her eyes opened up this week, so now she can see me! I love to give her kisses so she knows how much I love her.

Stay tuned for more photos as she gets older! I’m going to have my work cut out for me!

Have a pawsome day!

Bernie Morse, Surrogate Kitten Mom

Bernie Morse, Surrogate Kitten Mom

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