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April 25th–World Veterinary Day

By April 14, 2015 August 1st, 2016 Bernie's Blog

Whether you’re a cat person, a dog person, a rabbit person or a horse person, there’s one thing we can all agree on, and that’s the fantastic work carried out by veterinarians like my dad and his co-workers up here at Cornerstone Animal Clinic, Dr. Morse, Dr. Escobedo, Dr. Castro, & Dr. Conner!  Celebrate with your pet on World Veterinary Day by buying them a treat or a new toy or by writing them a note to show them how much they mean to you and that you appreciate the work they do to keep your pets healthy.

Don’t tell him, but I’m making my dad a big ol’ mud pie in the backyard to show my appreciation & love for him!  (Hopefully we can both jump in it and roll around and get all smelly)!

World Veterinary Day was created in 2000 by the World Veterinary Association to highlight and promote the lifesaving work performed by veterinarians around the globe.  Each year, a different theme is chosen which helps pet owners to remember the importance of various aspects of animal care, and how veterinarians can help, for example ensuring your pet’s vaccinations are up to date.

On this special day, why not raise a paw, hoof, or claw to say thank you to all of our awesome veterinarians?

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