Mar 24 2016

National Puppy Day (a day late)

Celebrate National Puppy Day with your own furry friend!

I’m a dog, so you’ll have to forgive me for posting this a day late.  They forgot to teach me how to read a calendar in my dog training classes.

Beware the Ides of March! Well actually a couple of days afterwards… March 23rd to be exact which is National Puppy Day!!!! Ahhhhh the madness! I might have been ready for my baby (human) sister, but I’m pretty comfy with the yard to myself so I’ll need everyone to do me a favor and adopt all the puppies in the area so my dad doesn’t get any fast ideas.
Here’s a list of local shelters that could sure help you celebrate National Puppy Day with a new furry family member:

Operation Kindness
CLICK HERE to see all of the dogs that Operation Kindness has available for adoption.

DFW Humane Society
CLICK HERE to see all of the dogs that the DFW Humane Society has available for adoption.

SPCA of Texas

CLICK HERE to see all of the dogs that the SPCA of Texas has available for adoption.

Petfinder - Adopt a Homeless Pet

CLICK HERE to see all of the dogs that the Petfinder has available for adoption in our area.

These are just a couple of the hundreds of local animal shelters that would be happy to celebrate National Puppy Day with you & make every day puppy day!

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