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National Pet Obesity Awareness Day-October 12th, 2016

By October 11, 2016 November 13th, 2018 Bernie's Blog
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Hi everyone, Bernie here!

It’s October, and boy oh boy has this year flown by!

As you may know, I am an avid fan of eating…treats, my own food, my sister’s food…everything! With my love for food comes the responsibility of maintaining my handsome figure. I really should not be eating as many treats as I do, but let’s face it, how could you resist my cute face?

To help you maintain your pet’s healthy weight, her are a few tips:

  • Did someone say dog park?  I get it…not all of us enjoy time with other dogs as much as some, but your dog should really be getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.  They could join you for a walk or a run!  That sounds like fun! (Followed by a long nap)
  • Your dog should avoid eating table scraps, no matter how much they like cleaning up after their 2-legged siblings!
  • Dogs are not really good at portion control, so they need their humans to help feed them the right amount of food.
  • Here are some healthy treats that your dog will love (in moderation of course):
    -Carrots–crunching on these orange sticks are great for our teeth!
    -Apples–an excellent source of vitamins A and C…just make sure you remove the core and seeds before giving them
    to your dog
    -Canned Green Beans–these are a treat that surprisingly most dogs love!
    -Plain Rice Cakes–yes, the boring styrofoam ones that humans don’t like, dogs actually love!
  • For cats that are overweight, increase their playtime activity.  If you’re brave enough, you can even teach them to walk using a harness!
  • A cat’s diet is very important in keeping their figure in tip top shape.  Try to feed your cat a specific measured amount at designated times instead of leaving food out all day, which will help increase their metabolism.
  • Some fun toys that cats might enjoy are: a laser pointer, a pole with a string and a feather attached (we have some of these available for purchas) or catnip stuffed toys.

For more information about keeping your pet healthy visit:

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