March 3rd–“If Pets Had Thumbs Day”

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Hi everyone, Bernie, here! It’s sad to see that the holidays are all over, but I sure am looking forward to the spring time. Cool temperatures and swimming. Not that we don’t have cool temperatures now, even though it’s supposed to be cold. I wish I could say Brrr…

Anyways, we’re here to celebrate the day of March 3rd. No, it’s not my birthday. But thank you for thinking of me. However, it is “If pets had thumbs day.” What are some things we could do by ourselves?

  • We could take ourselves outside, that way we could come and go as we please.
  • We could start a blog.
  • We could feed ourselves.
  • We could hitchhike to our friend’s houses. Not sure that that would be faster than running there.
  • We could text our pawrents while they’re at work. I’m sure they would enjoy hearing about how you got into the trash and then cleaned it up.

Here are some interesting conversations between a dog and his parent:

pic1  pic2


pic3  pic4

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