Comfortable Pet Boarding In Dallas, TX

When you go out of town, for whatever reason, you need someone trustworthy to watch your furry friend. Asking relatives or friends is possible, but not always reliable. You need a boarding facility where you can trust that your pet will be loved and taken care of without fail. If you are currently residing in the Dallas, TX area, reliable pet boarding is right around the corner at Cornerstone Animal Clinic. You can depend on us to make sure that your pet is taken care of, whether they are with us for a few hours, a night, or an extended stay.

The pet boarding services offered by Cornerstone Animal Clinic simply can’t be beat! Our caring veterinary staff will tend to your pet(s), ensuring their stay is as enjoyable as it can possibly be. Local pet owners always feel confident entrusting their beloved pets to our care. When you combine an advanced facility with a well-trained staff, you come away with a peace of mind that your pet will be in the best hands while you are away.

With our full service, on-site animal hospital, you can trust us with your pet’s well-being, even if they require any special care. Our veterinarians will ensure that your pet is cared and tended to throughout their entire stay with the Cornerstone Animal Clinic. Also, thanks to our dedicated grooming department, your pet will go home happy and looking its finest!

Leave Your Pet With Us

The veterinary staff at Cornerstone Animal Clinic goes to great lengths to ensure the health of your pets, working closely alongside our loyal patrons to exceed the expectations of pet and owner alike. This customer-based form of service has helped our team develop a sparkling reputation throughout the greater Dallas community.

If you’re seeking pet boarding services in the Dallas, TX area, choose Cornerstone Animal Clinic.  Your pet will love the comfort and care they receive each and every visit.  Call us today to schedule your stay and fill out the Pet Boarding Information form found here.