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  • Mar 01 2019

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    Happy Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day!

    Happy Friday everyone, Bernie here!  I’m here to tell y’all about these awesome peanut butter treats that you can make at home for your pups! I mean, I guess humans can…

  • Oct 15 2018

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    Dallas Dog Parks

    Let’s Both Have Some Fun at the Dog Park! Hello, humans! As you may have heard, my friends and I very much enjoy trips to the dog park. They allow…

  • Aug 01 2017

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    Chef Bernie’s August Recipe

    Happy Tuesday, Friends!   Do you want to know what I could really go for right now? Chicken, sweet and juicy chicken. There is nothing better than sitting down to…

  • Jul 01 2017

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    Chef Bernie’s July Recipe

      Bernie here! Hope you all had a wonderful May & June!  It’s getting mighty warm in Dallas, which means it’s my favorite season, PICNIC SEASON, *ahem* Summer! Since you’re…

  • Jun 26 2017

    Chef Bernie’s Recipes #1

    Happy Monday My Non-Four-Legged Friends!! Your favorite pup is back in action for June’s blog post! I just did some research on my pawputer, went right to Poogle and gasped…

  • Mar 02 2017

    Dog Clinic in Dallas, TX | Cornerstone Animal Clinic

    March 3rd–“If Pets Had Thumbs Day”

    Hi everyone, Bernie, here! It’s sad to see that the holidays are all over, but I sure am looking forward to the spring time. Cool temperatures and swimming. Not that…

  • Oct 18 2016

    National Veterinary Technician Week

    We are so fortunate to have an incredible team at Cornerstone Animal Clinic!  This week we get to honor our veterinary technicians for National Veterinary Technician Week!  Our technicians work…

  • Oct 11 2016

    Veterinary Clinic in Dallas, TX | Cornerstone Animal Clinic

    National Pet Obesity Awareness Day-October 12th, 2016

    Hi everyone, Bernie here! It’s October, and boy oh boy has this year flown by! As you may know, I am an avid fan of eating…treats, my own food, my…

  • Sep 02 2016

    Dog Clinic in Dallas, TX | Cornerstone Animal Clinic

    Bernie’s Brotherly Advice

    Hi Everyone! Please accept my sincere apawlogies for not blogging a lot lately.  My baby sister Jocelyn has been keeping me VERY busy!  I really didn’t understand how much work…

  • Aug 26 2016

    Happy National Dog Day!

    BERNIE WANTS TO WISH YOU A HAPPY NATIONAL DOG DAY!! Hey, everyone! I know we haven’t talked in a while. But today’s my favorite day, because everyone gets to celebrate…