Does Your Pet Need a Taxi Ride to Our Veterinary Clinic?

We understand how hard it is to juggle a busy lifestyle; whether you have an important meeting or simply don’t want to handle small children at your appointment at the veterinary clinic, our pet taxi service is designed to help. Cornerstone Animal Clinic offers a professional pet taxi service to transport your pet to and from our clinic so they don’t miss their important grooming or medical appointments. We can reach properties throughout the Dallas, TX area.

Benefits of Reserving Taxi Service from Our Animal Doctor

Taking advantage of our pet taxi service if you need convenient transport to our veterinary clinic comes with several important benefits:

  • No Need to Change Your Schedule: Are you out of paid time off work? Do you have an important meeting during your vet appointment that you simply cannot miss? Do you have physical limitations that reduce your ability to bring your pet to our clinic? Regardless of your circumstances, our taxi service can ensure that you are able to maintain your usual routine while still taking care of your pet’s needs.
  • Don’t Inconvenience Anyone Else: If you are unable to bring your pet to our clinic for any reason, you might hesitate to ask family or friends because you don’t want to bother them. Using our pet taxi service allows you to get your pet to our clinic without inconveniencing anyone.
  • Safety: We only employ experienced professionals when it comes to dealing with your pet, allowing you to trust us to keep your furriest family member safe throughout the duration of their time with us. From cutting-edge riding accommodations to capable handling for even the most exuberant dogs, you can trust that your pet will return to you safely.
  • Socialize Your Pet: Allowing your pet to experience something new can help them develop socially. They will experience an exciting new environment in our taxi and make friends with our taxi driver; our team of animal lovers will be sure to shower your pet with all kinds of attention to help make the experience even more positive.

Our friendly staff would be happy to answer any further questions about our pet taxi service.

Call Our Veterinary Clinic Today

If you would like to learn more about our pet taxi, want to discuss pricing, or would like to schedule your furry family member’s chauffeur service, please call ahead at 972-385-3555. This service is subject to availability and spots fill up quickly, so if you know you’re going to need extra assistance getting your pet to our clinic it’s best to call as soon as possible.