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    Chef Bernie’s August Recipe

    Aug 01 2017

    cornerstoneadmin | Bernie's Blog

    Happy Tuesday, Friends!   Do you want to know what I could really go for right now? Chicken, sweet and juicy chicken. There is nothing better than sitting down to…

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    Chef Bernie’s July Recipe

    Jul 01 2017

    cornerstoneadmin | Bernie's Blog

      Bernie here! Hope you all had a wonderful May & June!  It’s getting mighty warm in Dallas, which means it’s my favorite season, PICNIC SEASON, *ahem* Summer! Since you’re…

  • Chef Bernie’s Recipes #1

    Jun 26 2017

    cornerstoneadmin | Bernie's Blog

    Happy Monday My Non-Four-Legged Friends!! Your favorite pup is back in action for June’s blog post! I just did some research on my pawputer, went right to Poogle and gasped…

  • March 3rd–“If Pets Had Thumbs Day”

    Mar 02 2017

    cornerstoneadmin | Bernie's Blog

    Hi everyone, Bernie, here! It’s sad to see that the holidays are all over, but I sure am looking forward to the spring time. Cool temperatures and swimming. Not that…

  • National Pet Obesity Awareness Day-October 12th, 2016

    Oct 11 2016

    cornerstoneadmin | Bernie's Blog

    Hi everyone, Bernie here! It’s October, and boy oh boy has this year flown by! As you may know, I am an avid fan of eating…treats, my own food, my…

  • Bernie’s Brotherly Advice

    Sep 02 2016

    cornerstoneadmin | Bernie's Blog

    Hi Everyone! Please accept my sincere apawlogies for not blogging a lot lately.  My baby sister Jocelyn has been keeping me VERY busy!  I really didn’t understand how much work…

  • Happy National Dog Day!

    Aug 26 2016

    cornerstoneadmin | Bernie's Blog

    BERNIE WANTS TO WISH YOU A HAPPY NATIONAL DOG DAY!! Hey, everyone! I know we haven’t talked in a while. But today’s my favorite day, because everyone gets to celebrate…

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    National Puppy Day (a day late)

    Mar 24 2016

    cornerstoneadmin | Bernie's Blog

    Celebrate National Puppy Day with your own furry friend! I’m a dog, so you’ll have to forgive me for posting this a day late.  They forgot to teach me how…

  • I have exciting news!

    Jun 22 2015

    cornerstoneadmin | Bernie's Blog

    Hello everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t written to you in awhile, but I have been pretty busy lately…and here is the reason why: I want to introduce my new baby…

  • Dr. Toby Conner - Veterinarian - Dallas TX

    Doctor Spotlight

    May 21 2015

    cornerstoneadmin | Bernie's Blog

    I wanted to spotlight my awesome new friend (and my dad’s co-worker), Dr. Toby Conner! I had to bug him a little bit with some barking and tail wagging to…