Pet Boarding Services in Dallas, TX

We take care of your pets like they’re our own

When you go out of town, you need someone trustworthy to watch your furry friend. If you live in the greater Dallas area, reliable pet boarding is right around the corner at Cornerstone Animal Clinic. You can trust that your pet is in good hands with our friendly staff, whether they are with us for a few hours, a night, or an extended stay.

Our exceptional customer service has helped our team develop a positive reputation throughout the greater Dallas community, as we work closely with pet owners to meet and exceed their expectations. We’re happy to tend to your pets and ensure that their stay is as enjoyable as possible.

We are proud to provide both cat and dog pet boarding services at our animal clinic. We have both cat and dog activities to keep your furry friends happy while they stay with us. We provide a welcoming place for dogs and cats to stay while you’re away and our team will make sure your pets get the quality care they deserve.

As a full-service animal hospital, Cornerstone Animal Clinic also has an incredibly well-trained, dedicated team of veterinarians on-site for pets that may require specialized care. Plus, you can take advantage of our professional grooming services so your pet goes home happy and looking its best!

Why should you board your pet while you’re away?

Are you taking a vacation soon? Don’t forget to plan for your pet! Consider boarding your pet with Cornerstone Animal Clinic. If you cannot take your pet with you on your vacation, you want the best possible care for them while you are away. There are many benefits to boarding your pet with Cornerstone Animal Clinic.

  • Knowledgeable staff – In the event of an emergency, our staff is trained and knows how to handle the situation. You can be sure your pet will receive the expert care they deserve.
  • Safety – You can rest easy knowing that your pet has its own safe space. This lessens the risk for injury and prevents your pet from feeling threatened.
  • Food & water – You want the best for your pet. When you choose us to board your pet, you know that they will have access to proper nutrition and a large supply of water at all times.
  • Attention – Your pet needs attention and time to play. Here at Cornerstone Animal Clinic, they will get all the love and attention they deserve.

Give us a call to schedule your pet’s next stay! We proudly serve those in the Dallas, TX area.

What items should you pack for your pet for boarding?

Boarding your dog can be stressful for both you and your pup. Since boarding often is the choice for humans who are traveling, we often forget that we should also pack something for our pups in the midst of our travel preparations. We want your pet to feel most comfortable with us. However, there is no need to over pack. Check out the ideas below to determine what to pack for your furry friend.


When you board your pet at our animal hospital, it’s important that you bring the proper identification for your pet. Make sure your pet has a collar with an ID tag along with a microchip, as this is the best form of identification. These should both have the following information: your pet’s name, your name, your phone number, and perhaps even your address.

Vaccination Papers

Bring proof of vaccinations against rabies, parvo, and kennel cough. You might even be required to show proof that your dog has been using regular flea and heartworm medications. If you use our animal doctor, we will have this information.

Contact Information

If you are leaving town and pet boarding with us, it is advised that you leave your contact information with us as well as emergency contact information for a friend or family member who can care for your dog in the event of an emergency. Choose a friend or family member that your pet is familiar with as they will feel more comfortable with them. If you see our veterinarian, we’ll have all of your pet’s health records on file and will be able to use them as a reference should something happen while you’re away.

Familiar Items

Leaving your pet at a boarding facility can be stressful on them. If you leave your pet with an item of yours, like a blanket or worn t-shirt, it can help make their stay in our boarding facility a little less stressful. These items hold your scent, your dog’s scent, and the scent of the rest of your household which can help calm your pet in this new environment. These items are physically comforting to your pet. You may even want to bring a familiar toy, as it will help remind them of their home. Label items with your name and the name of your pet to ensure they don’t get lost.


A change in diet can be stressful on any pet’s system so it is best to pre-package their food into little plastic bags. Pre-measure the right amount of food for each meal and label them “Breakfast”, “Lunch”, and “Dinner”. This will ensure that your dog is getting exactly the right amount of food for each meal and it’s the same food they eat normally at home, avoiding stomach discomfort during an already stressful time.


If your dog requires medicine or supplements, do not forget to pack those. The staff at the pet boarding facility will be able to administer any medications your four-legged friend may need. Just be sure to include written instructions with details such as dosage amount and schedule. Label each bottle with your name and your pet’s name so they get returned to the correct person. If flea meds or heartworm is to be given while you are gone, bring those so doses don’t get missed.

What to Look For in a Pet Boarding Facility?

When you are looking for a place to board your pet, you want to find a facility that feels comfortable for you and your pet. If you are going out of town on business or travel, having a quality pet boarding facility you can rely on will give you the peace of mind you are looking for. Some things to look for in a pet boarding facility include:

  • Licenses and certifications- It’s important to make sure the facility is licensed and certified to care for your pet.
  • Insurance- Is the facility insured for unexpected incidences?
  • Vet access- Does the facility have access to a vet in case there was an incident?
  • Vaccinations- It’s important to check the vaccination policy of the facility to ensure pets stay healthy during their stay.
  • Space- Is the facility spacious/big enough for the pet to stand, stretch, and walk around?
  • Cleanliness- Take a tour of the facility. Is it clean?
  • Play areas- Are there outdoor and indoor play areas for the pets?
  • Exercise- Does the team give your pet enough exercise throughout the day?
  • Comfortable- Does the pet boarding facility have an adequate HVAC system to keep your pet comfortable during each season?
  • Fences- Are there boundary fences to keep your pet contained and safe?
  • Socialization- Does the facility offer time for your pet to socialize with other pets and staff?
  • Water- Is the water changed throughout the day?
  • Staff Ratio- Consider the staff to pet ratio to ensure your pet will be adequately cared for.

Need pet boarding services? Call us today!

If you’re seeking short or long-term pet boarding services in the Dallas, TX area, choose Cornerstone Animal Clinic.  Your pet will love the comfort and care they receive during each and every visit.  Call us today to schedule your stay and fill out the Pet Boarding Information form found here.