Pet Exams in Dallas, TX

Your pets quickly become family, offering a special bond and endless love. It’s essential to care for our pets just like we would one of our children. While children are usually good at telling their parents when something is wrong, your pet is unable to do so. As pet owners, we need to be aware of changes in their day-to-day behavior to discern when things are not right. You can easily supplement your observations and achieve peace of mind by bringing your pet into our veterinary clinic for a pet exam. Regular check-ups with our team can help ensure your pet is happy and healthy.

The Importance of Routine Pet Exams

Bringing your pet to our clinic for a routine exam serves many of the same purposes as attending your own annual physical. This is the time that we will check your pet for any possible issues, assess its overall health, and make recommendations based on our findings. A regular exam can benefit you and your pet in the following ways:

  • Keep Your Pet Current: Pet exams give our veterinarian the opportunity to ensure your pet is up-to-date on its vaccinations. We can work with you to help protect your pets from serious illnesses by ensuring that they get their necessary vaccinations at the appropriate times.
  • Catch Problems: Pets can’t communicate in detail with their humans, which can make finding any issues with your pet difficult in the early stages. When you bring your pet into our animal hospital, our doctors can complete a full wellness exam to ensure your pet is healthy. We can check blood work, vitals, and other data to measure your pet’s progress and identify any potential issues. Catching problems early means we can treat them before the issue becomes more serious.
  • Save Money: Regularly attending pet exams even when your pet seems to be doing fine can help detect potential issues before they become serious. This helps offset emergency vet fees and potentially expensive treatments, saving you money in the long run!
  • Reduce Pet Anxiety: Many pets don’t care for the vet’s office because it’s unfamiliar and scary. Attending a regular exam allows you to help your pet learn that good things can happen here! We’ll develop a relationship with your pet and give plenty of affection along with our exam, helping to create positive associations.
  • Ask Questions: A pet exam is a great time for you to ask our animal doctors any questions you may have or voice any concerns that you have noticed with your pet over the past year. When we know which symptoms your pet might be exhibiting, we know which additional tests to request to learn more information.

Cornerstone Animal Clinic offers comprehensive pet exams for your peace of mind. We’ll build a relationship with you and your pet to develop trust and work to locate any potential issues before they become serious. We work with pets and their owners from throughout the Dallas, TX area.

What to Expect During Your Pet Exam

There are many things to cover during your pet’s regular checkup. During your visit, our veterinarian and other staff will:

  • Perform a Full Exam: A pet exam includes an oral exam, listening to the heart and lungs, examining the eyes and ears, checking weight, feeling organs through the abdomen, checking reflexes, performing a rectal exam, assessing your pet for pain, watching how it moves, and more. This helps us detect early signs of health problems and identify potential issues.
  • Take Recordings: Your pet might be due for certain diagnostic tests, which we will order as needed. We will also measure your pet’s weight, temperature, respiration rate, and pulse rate. By doing this at least once a year, we can get a feel for what is normal for your pet and see what might be changing over time.
  • Ask Questions: During the pet exam, we will ask you about your pet’s diet, lifestyle, behavior, and health history. This is a good time to bring up any questions or concerns you might have.

At the end of your pet exam, we’ll offer advice about any changes or adjustments you should make in your pet’s care going forward, including diet adjustments, lifestyle changes, weight management, vaccines, flea or tick preventative treatments, and more.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Pet Exam

If you are looking for an animal hospital in the Dallas, TX area, put your trust in the team at Cornerstone Animal Clinic. We are dedicated to providing quality care for all aspects of your pet’s health and work closely with you to ensure your pet is living a long and healthy life. For more information or to schedule routine pet examinations and consultations, contact us today.

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